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Thanks to our donors and the monies generated from our 2nd Annual Road Rally,
KCC  was able to provide the following outreach efforts in 2013 to present:

For several consecutive months, we paid medical, mortgage and utility bills for a local breast cancer
patient while she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This offered her peace of mind & the ability
to concentrate on her healing while she was unable to work.

KCC helped a newly diagnosed nursing student satisfy her goals of graduating on-time from her
nursing program at Monroe Community College so that she could move out of town to be with her family. 
We paid her last semester of tuition fees and paid for her airfare so that she could travel to be with her husband,
two young children and mother who was also diagnosed with breast cancer. 

We provided a “private get-away” package for an advanced breast cancer patient, her husband and
two young sons to give them the opportunity to make lasting family memories and for just a
short period of time to forget that cancer is the main focus in their lives.  (See Information on 'A Quiet Weekend' Below)

Our outreach efforts have extended to Atlanta, Georgia where we are assisting a hearing impaired
breast cancer patient with rent payments and encouraging her idea of creating an outreach/support
group for fellow deaf breast cancer patients

We have sent encouraging cards, delivered floral baskets/arrangements after surgery, given
Comfort Heart pendants to remind our beneficiaries that they are not alone in their journey and gifted
Eating Through Cancer cookbooks to assist with healthy eating and recovery processes.

KCC is a proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (www.bccr.org)
and Naiades Oncology Rowing (
www.naiadesoncologyrowing.com).  We are thrilled to have
Karen’s name embossed on Naiades’ spirit boat; Naiades is committed to serving the
physical and emotional needs of cancer survivors by allowing them to
bond and fight their disease as a group, by rowing together. 

On-Going Legacy in Karen’s Name:  

Two legacy scholarships in the amount of $500 each have been established and will be awarded annually to
high school seniors whose lives have been impacted by the diagnosis of breast cancer; one is awarded to a
Fairport High School (FHS) senior and one to a Canandaigua Academy High School (CA) senior. 
FHS recipients include Shawn Hall (2013) and Yvonne Gehrmann (2014).
CA recipient (2014) Alicia Thompson, Sidney Mack (2015), and Claire Carson (2015).


Please join us for our


 to provide SUPPORT for breast cancer patients and promote BREAST CANCER AWARENESS & PREVENTION
Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 3:00 PM (New Date)

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The Karen Carson Crane Foundation is having its third annual ROAD RALLY Event on
Saturday, October 4, 2014.
It will be a fun day filled with adventure, maps, clues and laughs as participants attempt to find their way to our final “secretive” destination. The activities of the day continue into the evening with a silent auction, dinner, cocktails, road rally prizes and live entertainment.  This year’s event will be bigger and better than last year's.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with a Road Rally or have not participated in a KCC Road Rally, it is an action-packed, scavenger hunt-style road race which takes you to areas of our local community that you may or may not know exist. It is an educational, competitive and enjoyable experience for all that participate. We look forward to and encourage everyone to spread the word to family, friends and coworkers about this event.  It is for a very worthy cause...your contributions will benefit local breast cancer patients and their families.

Cruisin for a Cure’ Road Rally II
Our Second Road Rally Event was held in May of 2013 and was an enormous success. 
Over $8,000 was donated to the KCC Foundation which contributed greatly to
our outreach efforts for the balance of 2013 and into 2014.

‘Cruisin for a Cure’ Road Rally I
Our First Road Rally Event was held in May of 2012 and was loads of fun for all that participated.

Applebee's Flapjack Breakfast

The KCC's first fundraising event was held in June of 2011 at the Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill located on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford Plaza.  Thank you to everyone that supported our inaugural fundraising event.

Susan Komen - Breast Cancer Awareness Walks
In October 2010, 5 members of the KCC Foundation traveled to Philadelphia to participate in the
3-Day Walk to support breast cancer awareness and those that are fighting the disease

This team raised close to $20,000 and walked 60 miles over a period of three days. 
In was an incredible journey for a cause so dear to their hearts and as a remembrance to Karen.  
In 2011, two members of the KCC Foundation again participated in the
60 mile walk over 3 days  in Atlanta, Georgia.
 Both events raised money for the fight against breast cancer.








Please Continue to Assist us with our Outreach Efforts:
We strive to continue to provide assistance to breast cancer patients throughout our local community and would appreciate you reaching out to us to let us know of breast cancer patients that are in need of our support. Thank you!!!

CaringBridge News
Karen's loved ones and friends experienced first hand how the CaringBridge site provides support and connects people during a life crisis.  CaringBridge helped to make Karen's health journey easier by knowing that so many people were thinking and praying for her during her final days.  The KCC Foundation supports CaringBridge and encourages loved ones of those with health challenges to start a CaringBridge site. Visit www.caringbridge.org for more information.



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