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Welcome to the Website of
The Karen Carson Crane Foundation!

Our foundation was formed in 2009 in memory of Karen Carson Crane shortly after she lost her battle to breast cancer.
The Karen Carson Crane foundation is a small organization with a local focus. We prefer, but are not limited to, making donations and offering assistance to those in need in our community.

The mission of the KCC Foundation is to:

 ENCOURAGE  breast cancer patients to have Strength, Courage and Passion to overcome their disease;   
PROVIDE  support and financial assistance to individuals affected by breast cancer;  
DONATE  monies to organizations that promote 'clean-living';
SUPPORT  local organizations that assist local breast cancer patients and national organizations
that research and promote alternate cancer treatment methods. 
The KCC Foundation hopes to inspire breast cancer patients to consider chemo-free and alternative cancer treatment options and preservative-free diets.  It is also their mission to promote self-health education and healthy-lifestyle practices.


                                                                       Karen's Story:

In November, 2004, Karen found a very small lump in her right breast, which she immediately brought to her doctor's attention.  After further testing and 2 surgeries, she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.  Karen was an elementary school teache
r and newly engaged to the man of her dreams when she began the fight of her life.  The strength, courage and passion that Karen displayed during her four year struggle to overcome this disease was so inspiring to all that knew her.  The Foundation was created to project hope to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer and to patients that are undergoing treatment and to those that have survived.  We invite you to peruse our website and  we welcome your feedback and discussion.  Donations to our cause are greatly accepted as we continue to fight for a cure. 

2016 - 2017 Newsletter coming soon



See our Photo Albums at   -   photos.karencarson.org



Notes of Appreciation

From a ‘Weekend of Reflection’ Beneficiary:

“Thank you for an awesome weekend.  Everything was great from the first walk through your door to our exit.  We left most of our worries behind for this weekend.”   

From our Canandaigua Academy KCC Scholarship Recipient:

“I want to give both my thanks and condolences.  It is always hard to lose a loved one early, especially to such a painful and drawn out disease.  From my own experience with my Grandma, I can share the sorrows inflicted on not only the victim, but those around her as well.  Even now, we (myself and my family) cannot go to the Fairport Farm Market, our favorite and also just down the street from her house, without being reminded of how she could always find the best vegetables and planted seedlings there almost immediately.  Being an avid gardener, she knew all these tricks by heart.  Now we struggle alone at what she could make seem effortless.  But I digress; this is supposed to be a note of my thanks to you and your family foundation, not another essay.  And so, I give my deep gratitude for helping support my dream towards a more natural form of farming and animal raising.  My goal of pasture raised healthy animals to provide a healthier lifestyle for others is that much closer with your gracious scholarship.  With the money you’ve given me, I plan to invest towards furthering my education in the field of agriculture so that my business will have the knowledge behind it for success!  Again, thank you for supporting my dream and keeping Karen’s memory alive as I hope to do for my Grandma.”

From Canandaigua Academy Scholarship Applicant :

“Thank you so much for the gift card and considering me for your scholarship.”  

From the Director of Development at F.F. Thompson Foundation, Inc. :

We greatly appreciate your generous gift in memory of Karen Carson Crane in support of the Women’s Health and Wellness Center to the F.F. Thompson Foundation.  Through your kind support, this new, innovative facility will create a patient-centered continuum of care currently unavailable in the Finger Lakes region, offering health services specifically designed around a woman’s optimal breast health and bone wellness.  Thank you so much.

Additional Notes of Appreciation

“Omg the flowers are absolutely beautiful! I put a picture of them on Facebook. Thank you so much. It made my weekend along with the relay for life that my family came for. My daughter raised over $4000 for cancer! So proud of her. Again thank you so much.  So much support from you and everyone else. Truly overwhelming!”

“To the KCC Foundation, straight from my heart and again thank you so much for the beautiful (caring heart) necklace and for helping me with rent payments!!!  It sure does help me a whole lot.  Lots of hugs!”


153 Selborne Chase
Fairport, NY 14450


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